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Nathan Hagarty

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Nathan Hagarty

I am a current Liverpool City Councillor having been elected in 2016. I have spent my entire life in and around the Liverpool area. I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Cartwright and now live in Green Valley with my wife and two children.

Dad was a police officer and mum worked at Franklins. They made huge sacrifices to make sure I had a good home life and got a better education than they were able to.

I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from University. I attended Western Sydney University where I graduated with a Bachelor of International Studies.

Professionally, I’ve had roles in operations, product management and information technology. I’ve worked in the financial services, tertiary education and public sectors, including a stint at my alma mater, Western Sydney University. 

In addition to my duties at Liverpool City Council, I’m also the Chair of Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre and a Director at Settlement Services International.

Through a lot of hard work and some good fortune, I’ve been able to achieve the potential my parents, family, friends, teachers and mentors all saw in me. I’m a Councillor because I want everyone in Liverpool to have those same opportunities and to achieve their full potential.

Nathan Hagarty gets results

In just under 5 years, my commitment as a Liverpool City Councillor has delivered for our community. As Mayor of Liverpool, I’ll bring hard work, integrity and passion to the office. My results as Councillor include:

Nathan Hagarty is a community champion

Volunteer Nathan Hagarty

Nathan has strong roots in the community as a resident, ratepayer and volunteer, he also has decades of professional experience as a manager and director across the private and public sectors. 

His experience ensures we have a leader who understands the strategic challenges and opportunities ahead. He also focuses on the things that affect our community day to day, like good roads, parks and community facilities. 

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